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Reply To: GPRS_UL_TBF_Establishment_Fail

Yogesh singh

Pls try the following values of Parameters:
ALPHA is sent from the BSC to the MS and decides the level of reduction of the MS output power in relation to the path loss. The values are given as a multiple of 10, i.e. the value 5 means the reduction level of 0.5.
GAMMA is sent from the BSC to the MS to give a target value for the
received signal strength at the BTS. The GPRS have no dynamic power regulation. So if the GAMMA is set to 0dB the MS will send max power when sending data on the PDCH. GAMMA =16dB gives that the MS will always send (max power – 16dB) on the PDCH. So if the GAMMA = 16dB in some area in some cells the BSC will not hear the MS when the MS have been given a PDCH to send on.
2.Check for PDCHPREEMPT:Default is 0 can be set to 2 depending on CS Traffic, so that only idle ondemand PDCHs will be preempted.
3.Put TBFULLIMIT=1,default is 2