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Reply To: Microcell Antenna Heigth


Hi Pix,

This antenna “742 215 1800MHz” has a adjustable tilt of 0-10 degrees. and we are using monopoles of 6 and small selfsupport towers of a height of 8 meters. At the moment we can install these antenna on the 6 meter monopole but I have some doubts about the weight of how much the pole can resist and the local technician who made this have no idea about physics.Anyway I will try to install this antenna on that, but for future expansion if the 1800MHz BTS is not enough we have to add an additional 900MHz BTS. At the moment if we try to put these two antennas 900 and 1800 under each other there will be no space left and for the 900 and 1800 vertical seperation which must be greater than 0.5 meter. and lower 900 antenna will reach the ground or the floor causing partial block of the signal.The 900 and the 1800 MHZ antennas have a height of 2.9 m and 1.57 m respectively. In that case we have to get short antenna with a height of 50cm-100cm. These size of antennas tends to be low gain antennas which have a big HPBW which is not recommended for microcells. so what do you think pix in this situation. As far as I know There are no short antennas with low HPBW.