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Reply To: Microcell Antenna Heigth


Hi guys

Thanks for your answers and your advises. As I have mentioned before I am not an expert in RNO OR RNP either. Recently we asked from a aircom for a network consultancy and they have sent us a guy which I am not sure about his experience and knowledge. At least he was good on using Exel and some Kathrein antenna calculators plus the Asset3G tool for planning. He insisted that low gain antennas must be used and the one he mentioned was an antenna with a vertical HPBW of 55 degree and a gain of 8dbi. So there might be a possiblity that this guy was good software user rather than a RF engineer who have good ideas about RF.
Anyway I am quite conviced with your ideas of microcellular antennas. Also I want to tell you that our Dual band network only uses two types of antennas:
1)742 215 1800MHz
2) 739 686 900MHz

This antennas have high gain around 18dbi with a vertical HPBW of 7 degree.
At the moment we don’t have any microBTSs which have integrated antennas. Yes DCS is much better for microcells since their coverage is less than the 900MHz.
So this is what I have:
I have the hotspot;
I have a antenna height 12 m;
I have the MacroBTS;
I have the two types of antennas I mentioned above;
But I don’t have the microcell params;
From here what you can understand is how to tranform a macroBTS with the height of 12 m into a microBTS which have a coverage of 150 meters.
Last but not the least do you think this antennas can work with a excellent performance on microcells?
Hey I forgot to ask you too if you don’t mind where are working? me I am working in Somalia.