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Reply To: Abis structure question


Ted …..
regarding ABIS IP : i don’t know for sure, but it seems impossible for alcatel to design a new feature that would force customer to change their BTS’s.

For the BSC, it might be needed to use the latest BSC/MFS EVOLUTION (MX) (i’m 80% sure about this info). so the BSC G2 will not support Abis IP.

The ciphering is performed inside the BTS and the MS(encryption/decoding)? The TRAU frames are not ciphered.

The Abis over IP uses the same physical link as before (2 Mb/s link or more, over microwave, sattelite, or cable). The benefit of IP-protocol is to have some kind of flexibility in the usage of this link. I don’t think the BTS-BSC link will ever be carried on the Internet 🙂

Sorry about the late answers, i missed out this thread..