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Reply To: BHCA


Dear peter
to be more clear
i attached. real data.
Time 11/19/2007 12:00:00 AM – 12:05:00
Times of Call Attempt 3
Times of Seizure 3
Times of Through Connection 3
Times of Reply 3

We note call attempt =time of seizure = through connection= time of reply , i know it isnot necessary to be alaways equal but it indicates good situation
but what does mean BHCA 36
is it No. of calls in 5 minutes ,but not all of them are success calls only 3.

if the BHCA is No of total calld (subscribers dailed numbers) , time of seizure is calls assigment resources , so what about call attempt

i need really your experince and help !!!!!!!!

is the defination of these counters difeerence from MSC part and BSC part ???????????