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Reply To: evdo

varun sharma

Hi Rajat,
the fullform of EVDO is Evolution data only. Means only data not voice.It support only packet data.
In fwd link this is totally time multiplexed having 16 time slots in 26.67ms second of TDMA frame.
But reverse link is just like CDMA network.
Data thrughput is very high compare to CDMA, that is around 3.1Mbps in DL and around 1.8Mbps at RL link thoritically, but actually throughput is depend upon radio condition and modulation technique they are using( Adaptive modultion technique)If coverage is very good at that time 16 QAM modultion would be used and if coverage is poor then QPSK modulation would be used. As per
SIR and Rx lev AT( access terminal) will ask for data throughput from network. AT sends DRC index( 0 to 16)

i am Talking about EVDO Rev.A