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Reply To: Flex CU question


Hi, RK.

We don’t use Siemens hardware, but I was interested in Flex CU.
This is what I understood:

FCU – 2 carrier units fitted in one module size. This means:
CC link multiplexing – you should check the compatible versions of the core modules;
overheating – check the fan version ( Tomar is right – you need V6 to be sure ).

The FCU can be activated in two modes:
coverage – the two CUs are processing the same data, but they are connected to two different antenna systems ( Tx diversity – some extra dB );
capacity – two different CUs ( even on different cells ).

So my opinion is that this is a way to double the capacity without
ext. racks.

All racks produced last two-three years are second version.

Please correct me if something wrong.