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Reply To: Interference on Idle TCH


Hi Pix,

Thanks for the info, much appreciated.

However this is what I am experiencing during Drive Test.

1. We have re-tuned our BCCH ARFCN frequency range from 66-92 to 48-66, that is 18 BCCH ARFCN channels to use.

2. Both Huawei and Nortel handover and reselction parameters have both been defined on Nortel(OMCR and Huawei(BSC600), neighbors, LAC,CELL ID, etc..

3. Issue:
During drive Test on particular sites for Huawei and Nortel, we have some cells still locked onto the BCCH ARFCN range from 66-92 and NOT the 48-66 has planned. Those particular cells have been not adapt to the changes carried out. This particular Nortel and Huawei cells are not seeing the 48-66 BCCH ARFCN has planned.

For example new BCCH ARFCN range 48-66(new BCCH), 68-92(old BCCH), We did a DT and this particula BTS had sector-1(48), sector-2(54) and sector-3(78). Why is sector-3 behaving this way? Sector-3 is also is identifying nehgbor BCCH from the range 66-92 which is confusing. Is it because of interference due to the limited bandwidth.

Appreciate your thoughts.