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Reply To: RX Diversity Alarm


Hi All;
I seem to be having a similar issue with the ‘RX path imbalance’ alarm. I need some assistance also. I don’t believe that this is a hardware issue because it seems to be randomly coming and going on our 2106 sites.

My First thought:
I am wondering if we have a parameter problem. Defining this alarm I can adjust:
Class 1 Alarm(dB): mine is set to “Off”
Class 2 Alarm(dB): mine is set to 6.0 the default
Supervision Window Time(minutes): mine is set to 1440 the default
Minimum Number of Samples: mine is set to 7000 the default.

I know if I set the Class 2 Fault Limit to “Off” I will get rid of the alarm, but that will not solve anything.

So I have thought about tuning these parms, but I am not sure where to start with these.

Second Thought:
In the RBS OMT I have the ability to “Define the loss” Currently we have no TMA’s and our value for this is set to “0”. The documentation I found on this said we should set this to “0” for non-tma configurations.

Please help with any thoughts or ideas. Thanks.