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Reply To: Spectrum Allocation in India :What ????


Hello Mr Pix,

Thanks for your reply. So, what I can say is that if suppose as of now Hutch has been give 2X8Mhz by Govt, as your example & that gives it a limitation in terms of setting up more Sites with maximum TRXs per sector. So, now it would need to get more share , let us say 2X6 Mhz more but thne this comes to be 2X14 mHz for Hutch only. But we have only 2X25 MHz channels only as per GSM specs . Now if just 2X25 Mhz is to be divided anmongts so many operators obviously not many operators would be having sufficeint spectrum. Is there any plans to increase the overall available spectrum of 2X25 MHz ?

Also I have some more queries :

01. Whatever spectrum is allocated to Hutch , say 2X8 MHz then the same is to eb used by Hutch in all Circles or it can be different circle wise ?

02. We alos hear about Defence being told to vacate some spectrum. Are they also using out of the GSM 2X25 Mhz spectrum only ? If not, then how does tehir vacating affect the GSM spectrum avauialbility .

Please excuse me for being naive but I told you that I am a Core Network Person & I really do not know mcuh about Access side.

Please help me on these .
Anybody else also having some good inputs on this topic is requested to please share that .