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Reply To: General Capture HO


Serving cell can be any type, any layer
Target cell can be any type, any layer

It is a VERY powerful HO, very dangerous in my opinion. You should rather use cause 14 (upper layer to lower layer), or cause 21 (from 900 cells to 1800 cells).

This HO is used to force traffic to be pushed towards a specific cell, depending on the traffic load of the serving cell, and the traffic load of the target cell.

When you activate this general capture HO on cell A, and you define a L RXLEV CPT HO(A,B) > -110dBm, what will happen is that you push traffic from cell A to cell B.

Regarding QoS Indicators, you can check the HO causes split (CHO…) due to general capture (cause 24).
It is based on QOS Counter MC1044.