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Reply To: optimization


Hi, all.

We don’t use GoS, so I hope Pix will help…

But following the definition GoS = num of lost calls/ num of offerred calls it should be the SDCCH included.

We are obligated by governiment to keep blocking under 5%.
We have also internal standard:
to not tolerate SDCCH block above 0,5% except due to LAC border LU and TCH blocking to be under 2%.
Following strictly the first rule it is eazy to keep GoS under whatever value.

RACH and PCH have a very big capacity ( messages per hour ).
RACH – before have RACH blocking we should have very hard problems with TCH resources ( in my opinion ). I saw a recommendation for 12 TRX chennal configuration:
TRX 1/TS4 – CC6

This will triple the RACH resources.

It will triple the PCH too, but the only solution in case of PCH blocking is LAC splitting.
I have a agreement with NSS team to be informed when the paging messages per hour are close to the limits.
This is because I don’t trust the RNO MC8A counter.

Pix, did you note abnormal values for this counter?

I hope I was useful.

Have a nice day.