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Reply To: optimization


hi abdel , pix

thanx for nice comments !
will get back on the same topic once i collect some more info from the engineers in the field who attended the same.

i have one more query :

According to erlang table :
say for 2% GOS and 10 TCH channels the traffic catered will be 5.084.
for the same 10 TCH channels and GOS as 5% the traffic catered will be 6.216.

my quesiton is as the GOS increases why the traffic taken is high ?
supporting logic ?

i know GOS as : it is the probability of getting a call blocked in the first attempt in the busy hour. If it is 2% …….. means 2 calls out of 100 will be blocked in the busy hour due to the lack of resources ( RACH , PCH , SDCCH or TCH ?? …… which one in specific or all ?????///// )

How the availability of resources increases with the increase in GOS ?