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Reply To: optimization


Hello Tufail,

It would be nice of you to give further details about “antenna hopping” …
As far as I could find on internet, this is usually called “spatial diversity”, isn’t it ?


It’s quite surprising to reduce the drops by implementing spatial diversity on “faulty” cells. I agree this solution will work, but :

1: The diversity should already be installed by default on all your GSM sites. It’s almost a mandatory step in order to maximize the coverage and the “radio quality” of your cells.

2: The spatial diversity depends on your antenna configuration. Meaning that if you want to use spatial diversity, you need to replace the current antenna (from vertical polarization to cross polarization), or add a second antenna (+ 1 vertical polarized antenna). It’s not just a radio parameter you can “enable” when you want.

I don’t know… is antenna hopping = space diversity ?