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Reply To: mapping of E1 channels


I wrote
“1 TRX require 2 ABIS TS”

Why do you say 1 nibble ?

1 TRX carries 8 radio TS.
Each radio TS (16kbps) is connected to 1 ABIS nibble (16kbps).
Therefore, 1 TRX = 8 radio TS = 8 Abis Nibble = 2 Abis TS.

Read slowly 🙂

You know, I just found out that an easy way to compute how many Abis TS are needed for a BTS (the minimum number, that is).
# of Abis TS = 2.25 x # of TRX

It took me years to finally discover this simple method. Dumb & Dumber & Pix (the Dumbest).