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Reply To: mapping of E1 channels


dear karen

what is RSL ? I don’t know …. pls explain…….?? Also pls explain how With motorola you can go upto 14 TRX (0-SYNC, 1-RSL, 16-O&M, 29 remaining so you can connect 14 TRXs max….????

pls explain about the signalling especially RSL ?/

secondly u told that we can connect 14 trx in motorola …… which BTS is it ……. I have worked on H-1, H-2 & HM types …. I couldn’t find connecting more than 12 trx in one BTS ????

I have worked with Motorola BTS , Nortel BTS and ZTE …..
I am working with 2.75G tech.

1. What is 1:4 mulitplexing ?
2. What is 1:1 multiplexing in which we can at max 10 TRX at max( correct me if wrong )
3. What is LAPD concentrated mode 2?