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Reply To: mapping of E1 channels


hi karen

we need two E1 time slots for one trx ( 64*2 = 128 kbps )____- ok

as u told that motorola has combined the signalling …….
…..combined with ___ the two time slots in which the actual data is being transfered i.e in the same 128kbps only ??????

If it is like this that the trx signalling is adjusted in the two time slots only , then 2*15 trx = 30 E1 channels .
We can connect 15 trx in one E1 ( of course 0 ts given for synchro & 16 for O&M link )__________– I want to know with which protocol it is configured _______ Is it LAPD concentrated mode 2 ?

And still some questions u will find in my previous post that I am still looking for ______ pls have a look again to my previous post /