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Reply To: RF palnning for cdma

Manu Katyal

Firstly Call drop is no way related to RF planning in CDMA…

Factor that should be taken into account, in the cellular system design are as follows-

•Co-channel Interference Reduction Factor (CIRF)
•Reverse-Link Power control
•Forward-Link Power control
•Capacity Enhancement.

The designer has to put care in the minimum separation between two co-channel cells, based on the co-channel interference reduction factor.
– The handoff is the necessary overhead in order to switch the call to a new frequency channel in a new cell site without either interrupt the call or alerting the user. Fortunately, based in its intrinsic characteristics, CDMA has a soft handoff problem.
– The reverse-link power control is for reducing near-end to far-end interference. The interference occurs when a mobile unit close to the cell site can mask the received signal at the cell site so that the signal from a far-end mobile unit is unable to be received by the cell site at the same time.
– The forward-link power control is used to reduce the necessary interference outside its own cell boundary.
– Last but not least, The capacity of cellular system can be increased by handling cochannel interference reduction factor properly.