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Reply To: where is the wrong on my idea?



I agree with mehrdad. Correct me if im wrong guys but i think 70% which corresponds to DTHAMR/DTHNAMR for ericsson Parameter is more on dimensioning side not on loading evaluation measurements.

EX: You have 8 full rate timeslots with no halfrate originally. If you will set the hafrate to 70% that will correspond to (0.7 * 8 FR timeslots) which is equal to 5.6 round off to 6 timeslots (since theres no 0.6 timelot). Overall then you will have:

6 halfrate timeslots = 12 channels
2 fullrate timeslots = 2 channels

all in all you will have 14 TCH timeslots instead of originally 8 if halfrate is set to 70. But still the priority for traffic is fullrate channels over halfrate.