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Reply To: HO to better cell


Hi !

oh ok… why didn’t you say that Ho were being performed at lower speeds ? according to your drive test, is it better cell HO or emergency ho ?

you can fasten up emergency ho :
ho margin(1,3) = 2
ho margin(3,1) = 2
a_pbgt_ho(1) = 3
a_pbgt_ho(3) = 3
ping_pong_margin(1) = 10dB
ping_pong_margin(3) = 10dB
timer_pingpong = 10s (for both cells, 1 and 3)

that might work better.
if you want even faster HO, try ho_margin = 0 or even -2 (but in this case, increase the ping pong margin to 12 or 14dB)

good luck with this 🙂