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Reply To: urgent


Hello , Pix thx for you alot ,but i am still Confused , because i can not understand these Details.In our company , we claclate the call success (%) as a function on TCH asssign ,we note the result alawys big (99%) that means it is good but we have a problem in congestion ,we called it TCH ovrflow , and TCH allcoted faliure is very big for example (50%) , i need to connect between these problem , that means , how come it’s call succ. but TCH allocated is big and also TCH overflow , do you find that logic or i missed some thing . plz try to be Patience teacher , and help me by explain it step by step
As you said we have three counter
TCH allocated
TCH assigned
TCH seizure
why we did not calculate the call success by TCH Seizure/TCH Call Attempt *100 . thanks alot for your support.
i am waiting for your reply