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Reply To: signakl strength


nachi :

problem 1
if there is HO due to low level in the UL, is there really a bad signal in the UL ?

– check the UL power control :

– check the UL level HO threshold
L_RXLEV_UL_H < -100dBm - check that you select a cell with a better level: HO_MARGIN_LEV(0,n) > 2dB
(increase this value to avoid ping pong, but it can be a little risky. check the HO PREPARATION algorithm, power budget filtering)

problem 2 :
call drop due to sudden connectio loss ? is that a counter ?
if yes, what is the triggering message ?
if no, what is the qos counter associated ? what are the QoS stats for this cell ?

causes can be : Abis failures, TRX failures, BSC failures, NSS failures …

check if one trx is having a higher CDR than the others.