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Reply To: mobile service in the high building


You don’t change the C2 or C1… you can only change the cell reselect offset and the rxlev access min, and the ms power max cch.

Check these parameters carefully, and their impact in the C2 criterion, and increase the cell reselect offset in the indoor cell by 4dB in order to stabilize indoor mobiles on the indoor cell.

Also, increase the penalty time to 200s and temporary offset by 40dB in the indoor cell, in order to capture only mobile which are purely static (not moving !).

If you read carefully, we’re all proposing solutions that answer to different cases. they all complete each other :
1. one best server with clean frequency and best rxlev
2. if not availble : a repeater for an outdoor site (but you’ll need a narrow band repeater, and with such high levels and good coverage, i’m afraid it’s not gonna work properly) + you still need a clean frequency for this outdoor cell
3. otherwise : indoor cell with high CRO, penalty time and temporary offset, and dedicated frequency.

Don’t read the way it is written, but the contents… it seems we all contradict each other, but the 3 solutions are actually all possible.