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Reply To: BTS Operation Degraded (Ultrasite)



Regarding 7745, some of the alarms are resolved during the SW upgrade of the BSC, because BSC dictates The standard mean holding time of the BTS, the new SW (5.1 or above) might done something in the defined treshold (wether it is automatically retuned by the SW or not, only Nokia experts know),but if the 7745 is not resolved thru SW upgradem it means that the mean holding time for that BTS really exceeds or much lower(not frequent,7743) than the defined treshold,it only means one thing, the sampling rate for downlink path is so high,probable cause is oveshooting or try to decrease the RXP for a while then check the result,SWR issues,faulty duplexer or combiner(for Transmit/downlink),just give it a try.

“BTS Operation Degraded, RX Level Differ to Much Between Main & Diversity Antenna”, have you try to configure the diversity connectors in HW configurator?Nokia HW configurator has a bug in which it retains the connectivity of the DIV RX in the BCF’s memory, just try to check,perform a recommisioning and then check it out again to make sure, it should eliminate the problem,altho the alarm is not that traffic affecting, it just measures RX levels continuously between DIV RX and RX,so that means the BCF still detects a connection in the Duplexer port(going to the multicoupler), hoep that helps even a little, pls dont hesitate to reply if there is any correction, thanks

anyone of you remembers the treshold for RSSI that is measured by BTS Ultrasite manager?