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Reply To: AG_PREMPT_PCH parameter


Dear All,
I want to know that when we have AGCH Preemption Enabled(AG_PREMPT_PCH=1), then how do we calculate the Paging/CCCH load?
We know that for Non-Combined configuration, lets say
BS_AG_BLKS_RES = 4 (AGCH blocks) 9 – 4 = 5 PCH blocks (default configuration)

5 PCH blocks/Multiframe * (3600s / 235 ms) = 76 594 PCH blocks/ hour

2.5 paging per block due to average usage of the TMSI & IMSI paging methods:
2.5 paging / Block x 76 594 Blocks =
191 485 paging/hour at 100% load

If 60 % engineering limit applied: 114 891 paging/hour
or, 31.91 paging/sec.

Now, if we use AGCH Premption, then the above mentioned equation shouldn’t hold true(as we dont know the number of AG Blocks). So, now how to calculate the CCCH Load/Capacity?