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Reply To: improve TBF drop rate


for the FLUSH ->
– identify the TIMER_FLUSH in NSN, and increase its value.
– activate NC2 in order to reduce the number of cell reselections
– push data transfers to the 3G layer 🙂

for the MS NO RESPONSE ->
This encompasses several possible causes. Are they mostly occuring during UL or in DL TBF ?
But let’s focus on MS NO RESPONSE due to “POOR RADIO” conditions. In such cases, you want to make the data transfer less sensitive to poor radio conditions. A good way to do that is to:
1/ reduce MCS usage (from MCS9 to MCS6 for example)
2/ activate IRQ in DL and UL
3/ reduce inactivity timers (less time in TBF = less chances to drop !)