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Reply To: Handover


Hi Pix, I’ve also experience what euge had experience.Im using nokia metrosite site with 2TRx.When ever i camped to the BCCH of the metrosite, the cell selection/cell reselection C1/C2 of the neighboring cells are not present in our TEMS. Conversely,if i camped to any of the neighbor cells of the metrosite, the metrosite C1/C2 is now the one not present with all other neighbors’ C1/C2 present.
InterCell hand-over to other cells except to the BCCH of metrosite is OK.
Also in idle mode,if our Rx Lev is -55dBm,whenever we are engaged to call/dedicated mode,Rx level fluctuates/degrades to atmost 20dB.
Can you suggest what can we do? We already check the functionalities of the TRx’s.Cable VSWR is also acceptable.