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Reply To: WCDMA RBS 3000


yeah there is no script to ask the RBS.

how come I am doing it on a P4 then? set the RBS date and time
setclock yyyy-mm-dd hh-mm-ss,
rollback should be turned off
cv rbinit 2 0 0, make CV called yymmdd_P4.0_InitialData by cv mk yymmdd_P4.0_InitialData, make CV, the next startable version on restart cv set yymmdd_P4.0_InitialData, make final CV created startable and loaded restartObj me.

check the E1 with the switch by breaking the loop and connecting it for final scripts from RNC.

been involved with RBS3000 for 7months only. 3G newbie.

3107 will be on my hands soon