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Reply To: Handover better cell


hello everybody
I am checking Handover relation performance ,, the pM tells me that the handovers reasons are:-

1-Number of handover attempts from selected cell to the adjacent cell due to better UL quality.
2- due to better DL quality.
3-due to better UL strength.
4-due to better DL strength.
5-due to PBGT.
6-due to other factors.

but it is accoding to gsm ralation , for example
CO_Band_Cell ;DCS1800-P-GSM900(Same ID; Same cell ID ;Differenet band) 99.99 % for handover reasons is UL/DL quality and strength , whith high ping pong .

CO_Band_Cell ;P-GSM900-DCS1800
93.6% for handover reasons is Other factor and 6% UL/DL quality and strength , with low % of ping pong.

A)-is there clear handover stragtegy

B)-what is the prefered handover reasons from the above reasons . C)-is there limits for distance between nighboors we habe some casess are reached more than 20 km .
the handover share % between nighboors is it controlled ,, is raeched to 70% between main cell 900 and co band cell 1800 .??

thanks in advanced .