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Reply To: Imm_Ass_Succ_Rate



are you using alcatel system ? if yes, it would explain why you could match my request so quickly… if you were using another system, you wouldn’t be able to mach the indicators names in such a short time 🙂 but i’m suprised to see the sdcch assgnt fail is so low… normally it should be around 5% to 10%…
i’ve never seen an average of 0% on a network 🙂 And i’ve never seen 0.1% TCH assignment unsuccess either.. your values are very very low… almost “abnormally” low.

so if there is a call setup failure, it might be before the sdcch assignment phase, meaning it should be between the RACH / PCH and the AGCH. Have you checked the counters associated to these messages ?

Yet, the RACH/AGCH messages are not involving the MSC, so the new MSC in your network will certainly not be the cause of the problem.

The drive tests should give you a clear indication on the problem you’re having, it’s a good idea to wait for it. Check the layer 3 messages, to find out at what point exactly the call setup is failing.