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Reply To: TRX


Sammi, is the extended cell Nokia or something else. Implementation of extended cell as far as I know is different for Ericsson and Nokia. Nokia requires to have at least 2 TRX, one Normal TRX for distances 35km. For Ericsson you need only one TRX, but can only support 4 users.

Nokia scenario – If you block the E-TRX and have only one E-TRX, you lose your target TRX for intracell HO when TA upper threshold is triggered.

Ericsson – blocking a non BCCH TRX should not affect intracell HO, since coverage is not affected. Only capacity.

Your site might be configured as 3 N-TRX and one E-TRX, if this is the case, if you want to service the E-TRX, reconfig it for 2N-TRX 1E-TRX.