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Reply To: TRX


hi vijay,

no i don’t agree that intracell handover due to interference and baseband hopping are the same thing.

It is extremely different !

The former is indeed a REAL handover, with all the signalling, the algorithms, etC…

While the later (Baseband Hopping) is a mechanism that defines which frequencies a timeslot is going to use in the next frame.

Now it is true that both works on the same idea : exchange the current frequency 🙂 that is why it is required that if you want to work with BBH, you might want to disable intracell HO (or not ! if you let it enabled, then you can see interesting “secondary” information out of that)

You worked in Nokia and Motorola ? In Radio engineering ? I can assure intracell handover is a common & basic feature, it is weird you missed it out. Time to open some of the dusty books on your desk 🙂