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Reply To: GPRS Time slot sharing


yes, time multiplexing is the key… a same time-slot position will be used by different TBF at different time (or rather, at different frame).

it’s much easier to explain it with a drawing !

datarate in GSM and GPRS…
main difference is that in GSM, you are limited to the use of one timeslot. Whereas in GPRS, you can use up to 4 timeslots in downlink.

Then, you can use different coding schemes in GPRS, to make the usage of a timeslot more efficient (less protection code, more useful data).

In GPRS, you can reach about 40 to 80 kbps.
In EDGE, up to 220 kbps.

EDGE is using a different air modulation, sending more information within one signal. (you’ll need to goole it, because the explanations are long and complex)