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Reply To: SD Failure please help


in first scenario, the duplication in frequancies between neighbour cells or what and also the RACH is not real RACH because this RACH is caused due to the MS which recognize anothere BCCH/BASIC different from its serving cell, to far from its serving cell(in different LAC) and try to access it but ofcourse there is RACH failure which increase the SDCCH failure rate and decrease the call setup.
in the second scenario, MS goes into loop and not the BTS because if the BTS goes into loop this will reflect on TCH_Traffic_Carried which will be equal 0 because the loop in this phenomena between RACH and SDCCH and if BTS make this loop there will be no traffic, our problem is to now the kind of hand set but we cann’t trace because the call didn’t completed and enter MSC to now the Kind from AUC.