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Reply To: SDCCH blocking is high


Hello Da Architect,

If you urge so badly, I’d rather tell you now then 🙂

Ok, i’ve been looking for the name of the parameter for 30 minutes now. And I just can’t find it ! NSS is so obscure, it is scary.

However the 3GPP doc confirms what I said earlier :

“2.4.2 Implicit IMSI detach
Implicit IMSI detach operation is the action taken by the VLR to mark an MS as detached when there has been no successful contact between the MS and the network for a time determined by the implicit detach timer. The value of the implicit detach timer is derived from the periodic location updating timer. During an established radio contact, the implicit detach timer shall be prevented from triggering implicit detach. At the release of the radio connection, the implicit detach timer shall be reset and restarted. Implicit IMSI detach shall also be performed in the case of a negative response to an IMEI check.”

(ref : Location registration procedures
(GSM 03.12 version 7.0.0 Release 1998)

I’m sorry, I really can’t find its name. But if you find it, PLEASE share it with me 🙂