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Reply To: Migration to Dual band Cell


Hi All,

My network is E/// platform with 2×06 equipment. Our network have dual band as well. Majority are G1800 band but very few G900 band. Thus we use G900 for Coverage and G1800 for Capacity. I have sites use dualband with G18 max 12+12+12 but G9 max 2+2+2(due to limited G9 spectrum to be re-used). G9 congested easily due to set up calls being done G9 cells before HO to G18 cells (G18 band higher priority than G9 band). I had change the cell reselection criteria of the G9 cell to “disguise” the G9 cell 12dbm lower than the actual SS during idle mode so that majority call setup in G18 cells. What other setting can be done to offload the G9 cells to G18 cells beside expending the G18 cells by setting lower Layer Thres?
Can any Guru give any ideas?