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Reply To: AMR,how to calculate erlangs


Pix,I will put it in a simple manner

A sector has 2 no of TRX which gives us offered erlang of 8.2.
Supopose now we enable AMR in all timeslots so that the offred erlangs become 21.9.
Now we may not have all customers having AMR handset.
The sector has got a peak carried erlang of 12 and has a decent block rate too
If you find utilization with 8.2 as offered,the utilization is >100
and if you find it with 21.9 as offered,the utilization is very much less(even though block exists).

Now there needs to be some factor which will give the correct value of offered erlang(which has to be something in between 8.2 and 21.9)
depending upon the AMR handset served by this sector.

I need that particular factor and the way to generalise it