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Reply To: Handover Failures

Paul C S

Dear Manoj,

I’m working in ALU network, but it seems all parameters in each vendor has a similarity.


LEt me see :

ATT = ATTEMPT of HANDOVER ( Intra HO, InterHO)==> the number of HO attempt of OUTGOING or INCOMING
FAIL = FAIL of HANDOVER (remember, Fail of HAndover doesn’t always affect to drop call). This because of TRE Faulty either in Original or Target.
BLCK = BLOCK of handover (i’m not sure about this)
NotA = I don’t knowthis one 🙂
Drop = SD or TCH HO seized the TS, but due to radio problem, it drops and can’t HO. Sometimes it’s because BAD Timeslot/TRE faulty, interference, bad qual.
Other = HO fail due to other reasons (HO in border area of BSC, etc)

If you want to identify the reason of the HO, you should find out the HO adjacency between ORiginal and Target. Then you investigate, to which target that contributes the highest fail/drop. After that, check the TRE, Quality, and also congestion.

In ALCATEL, we know PENALTY TIME. This penalty time is set on reselection/HO in case the TCH can’t HO to the target cell, and then it must wait for 10s (Default) to find the better target cell.


Paul C S