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Reply To: SDCCH fro Multiband cell.


Hi Am,

I am also operating dual-band network(1800/900) and found that SDCCH usage at overlaid subcell is very low. Actually, SDCCH traffic exist, but very small.

The only explanation, which I can imagine – is that 900 cell signal strength is much bigger, than 1800.
Usualy, I have SDCCH/8(NCOMB BCCH MODE) at underlaid 1800 and SDCCH/8 at 900 overlaid cell.

So usually – all SDCCH traffic comes first to 1800 cell, then to 900. If you have no overload of SDCCH traffic at 900 cell – you will not see traffic at 1800 as well.

But SDCCH traffic at 1800 exist, if you have no IDLE SDCCH at 900 cell.