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Reply To: BCCH missing


Broadcast Control Channel (BCCH)
The Broadcast Control Channel is transmitted by the BTS at all times. The RF carrier
used to transmit the BCCH is referred to as the BCCH carrier. The information carried
on the BCCH is monitored by the MS periodically (at least every 30 secs), when it is
switched on and not in a call.
Broadcast Control Channel (BCCH) – Carries the following information (this is only a
partial list):
 Location Area Identity (LAI).
 List of neighbouring cells which should be monitored by the MS.
 List of frequencies used in the cell.
 Cell identity.
 Power control indicator.
 DTX permitted.
 Access control (for example, emergency calls, call barring).
 CBCH description.
The BCCH is transmitted at constant power at all times, and its signal strength is
measured by all MS which may seek to use it. “Dummy” bursts are transmitted to ensure
continuity when there is no BCCH carrier traffic.