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Reply To: Awoffset and drop calls


Ok, I understand now. In Alcatel’s system, it is not an offset but an absolute value (if neigbour SS > -85dBm, whichever the serving cell SS, then the neighbor is a possible candidate).

Anyway, you can try to set this parameter to “0” on your problem cell, and check how it reacts. It means that when the Serving Cell is congested, the MS will go to a neighbor cell which has the same or better SS.

Second thing : AWOFFSET relates to congestion in a cell, but not DIRECTLY to call drop rate. However, it might lead to a call drop in the neighbor cell because the MS was sent to a neighbor cell with a very low RXLEV (in case where : Serving cell – AWOFFSET = very low RXLEV)

In consequence : check that your serving cell is congested AND the high call drops occur in the neighbor cell at busy hour only.

If it is not the case, then you might have to suspect another problem (maybe it is just a coverage issue, or an interferene issue)