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Reply To: Dynamic Abis dimensionning [edge]


Hi, Fahim.

“EDGE capable TRX” means that this TRX has a functional unit which is 8-PSK modulator/demodulator.

Because of the constant symbol rate in the radio path the difference between the MCSs is a different proportion between the useful data and the noise protection bits.
It’s more software than hardware.

In fact the high MCS depends on max MCS allowed ( parameter ), radio conditions ( C/I ) and Abis resources ( additional TSs )…
So it’s logical that the TRAGE could give you better C/I when transmitting DL TBF than the TRAG could.
But it’s wrong to say that this will give you a higher MCS automaticly.

In brief:
The abreviation means the max power of the hardware unit for the different modulations.
Yes, you can use all CS and MCS ( if it’s possible – permission, C/I, Abis ).