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Reply To: Dynamic Abis dimensionning [edge]


hello paolo,

i’m gald i could help.
1- use the remote inventory (optionnal feature) to list all your hardwares in the network. The R.I. is accessible from the Icon Box, through a HTTP interface, as far as i remember.
if you don’t have the R.I., then you’re in trouble : you need to check each TRX one by one in the BSSUSM.

2- Twin TRX are EDGE capable, and so are the TRAG, TRAD, TRAGE and TRADE.
the Twin TRX contains actually two TRE’s into a “single TRE” sized module. That’s the main difference. In terms of “behaviour”, it is like any other TRX (I think they are based on TRAGE and TRADE)

3- obviously you need to perform a dimensioning for your network ! make assumptions on the expected packet traffic, the peak usages, the types of users, the GoS you want to provide, and so on. It is a very long and complex process, to be performed cell per cell on a radio planning tool.
If you want a simple answer, then yes, you can put 2 extra TS per BTS. You can also put 3, or 4, or 1. Or none. Or 15. It really depends on your traffic.

4- if you don’t have enough capacity on your abis, you add a secondary abis.

5- check the TBF establishment and drop rate (UL and DL). Check the Ater congestion (at GPU level). Check the average number of PDCH per cell. Check also the GPRS Distribution indicators (= GPRS RMS)

Paolo, you should contact Alc-Luc : they can put one expert on your network that can assist you on this project. If you don’t want that, then you could purchase a 3 or 4 weeks training course.. And the least you could do is to read the customer documentation : twin trx, secondary abis, extra timeslots : all this is described !
I’m afraid it’s a bit dangerous to improvise yourself as a EGPRS dimensioner and planner. You need some basic knowledge and documentations.

Do you have A9155 RNP tool ?