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Reply To: Dynamic Abis dimensionning [edge]


Hello Paolo,

you don’t actually need extra ts : with your current basic nibbles and bonus nibbles in your BTS, chances are that you can obtain MCS-9 if :
– only 1 user in the BTS is asking for packet services
– there is not too much CS traffic

Adding extra ts will allow more users at the same time with higher throughputs.

To be on the safe side, define your MCS_INIT to MCS-6 at most.

Also, consider your Ater PS interface (BSC-MFS) : one E1 contains only 112 GCH. And one user on the air interface with 4 PDCH MCS-9 is going to consume about 18 GCH’s all by himself.

Therefore… extra TS are needed only if you want to deploy a commercial EGPRS network. For testing purposes (drive-tests, very limited numbers of users, or EGPRS enabled just during the night…), then you don’t have to add extra TS to enable EDGE. You won’t get great throughput all the time, but you will be in 8PSK.

2 ———————-
the parameters for EDGE activation are at cell level you need :
EN EGPRS = enable
And check that TRX are EDGE capable (TRAG, TRAGE, etc.)
And that’s about it (i’ll need to check that’s all though. My memory is not perfect 🙂 )

3 ———————–
EXTRA TS are defined somewhere in the BSSUSM (BTS characteristics, etc…) I can check next week, but it’s really quite easy. Don’t you have your customer documentation around ??

Let me know if you need more info, i’ll be in the office next week,