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Reply To: Dynamic Abis dimensionning [edge]



Alcatel BTS are not “smart”, so they do not manage handovers. All the processing is performed by the BSC.


An ABIS nibble is always using 1/4 of a timeslot, you cannot change that.

1 Abis TS = 64kbps
1 Abis nibble = 16kbps

In the OMCR you can only allocate a full Abis TS, either for CS or for PS, but you can’t allocate just an abis nibble.

A TRX carrying voice = 2 Abis nibble
For signaling, you need to add additional dedicated Abis TS (usually one per 4 TRX)
For Packet, you can add as much as you want. It depends on how many PDCH you expect in your BTS at a certain instant. If you don’t put enough Abis TS for PS, subscribers can still access GPRS/EDGE, but not at full speed.