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Reply To: BTS alarms


Hi Shanti,

Regarding Alarms

1.ANT_DIV/Tx Ant/– Problem may be with the Tightness of Cables/Connectors.Hence VSWR becomes high and in turn will be reflected as ALARM. Rectification– Tightning of the connectors will solve the problem.If it is a Lucent BTS ( Modcell 3.0) run Ft after the changes alarm will get removed.
2.CBR — Give Hardreset to the CBR and run the functional test and measure the Power generated in case it is low Caliberate the CBR. If The CBR is radiating low power it will be indicated as Pilot
3.CRC — Hardreset/Soft reset of CRC if the problem is still persisting check the E 1 link Some times CRC may get OOS due to TFUs, Swap the active and passive TFUs in case CRC is OK replace the TFU which was earlier active.
2.CTRM — Check the transalations,normally CTRM going OOs is rare.
3.Rx Amp going OOs is Rare but observe the performance for atleast two days since it may be intermittent.

For all the above Modules best way to remove alarm is By giving hard Reset, 70 -80% of your problem will be sorted out. But in Case of TFU it is always better to check OM card if the problem is persisting.