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Reply To: Average traffic per subscriber


There is something else : the billed miunutes are only the ones related to Mobile originated calls !
If there is roughly 40% MOC in a network, and if there is 100,000 erlang per day in this network…

it means only 40,000 erlangs will be charged.
–> and that’s assuming the call duration for MOC and MTC is the same ! which is not true !
–> and also, you must substract the average duration of the alerting phase.. let’s say 6 seconds/call, while the call lasts 60sec in average. That’s -10%…
In the end, the figure should be max. 36,000 and min. 25,000 erlangs per day. You can approximate and take one-third of the total erlang…

Multiply this by “60* rate per min”, as sheldon explained.

Formula becomes:
Revenues = 60*rate/min*(0.3*Erl)

Does it give better results?