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Reply To: Average traffic per subscriber


I just queried the program in my client used for performance and maintainance, the values calculated by the software is divided into two, default values wich can’t be modified or deleted like TIMES OF CALL ATTEMPT, and they don’t have any formula appeared, and values which can added by yourself in order to help you to find out values without calculating by you for example, powered on subscribers in your network can be find by 6-9
where 6=total subscribers registered.
9=detached subsribers.
I found out that if I query one hour interval the times of call attempt will be the same as BHCA.
Yes it is true, our network is very congested and some of my cells have more than 60% of congestion in one hour, the subscribers are making several call attempt in order to go through it. but I don’t know so much about GOS, I am a newbie in telecom and my company is expecting a lot from me. I really appreciate your help.