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Reply To: Multipath fading in micorwave


Thank u very much for your answer. If answer you the question; if fading occurs everyday or only during certain seasons, most of our network fades during certain seasons which is the summer season, in our links, we use long range hops 50-70km, and we saw on the pathloss program there is so many multipaths receiving the antenna, and Multipath causes fading, I thought this can be avoided by using top mounted amplifiers to increase the power of the signal as well as to increase the size of the antenna and the gain, May be this is the only solution since our radio modems are designed for 1+0, not for 1+1(space and frequency diversity),
Do you have any idea in such a situation?
what about passive repeaters have you used this before? I want to use a passive repeater because one of our link radio passes over a sea which causes a long terrible outage hours or days, please help me out of this disaster SPJ?