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Reply To: estimation of path loss


Dear its not the case thet you want to estimate the path loss ,path loss is depend completely to your environment so its one of the main job of RF planner ,you must have blancing in the downlink and uplink to have balance network .and if you think about that main problem is in the uplink becuse for the downlink the output power of BTS so much more than Ms so the cell raduise in the downlink is much more than down link in normal case if you dont care about the path loss and balancing.
in this case you can improve the up link by using diversity , space diversity and cross polar antenna so in this case you will obtain around 5 db gain in the up link .

you can do one thing else ,maybe its not agood idea but you can decrease the output power of BTS also.

so with the parameter you can not decrese the path loss.
i hope it be clear now.